Coming of Age

by Homebound

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released July 21, 2014

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Ian Sadler at Emeline Studios
Additional vocals from Ian Sadler



all rights reserved


Homebound Farnham, UK

UK Pop Punk

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Track Name: Valour
Was this really the best use of my time?
Here's a resounding no from every voice thats running through my head.

I've only got myself to blame cos I'm the one alone,
Who didn't do a single thing to get out of this hole.

The chance was mine, no sacrifice,
But now I'm here to pay the price,
Waiting for that boat to come back around.

There's more to this I'm yet to see,
So I'll keep my head down and wait for a sign, that everything I chose will be just fine.

I'll spend more time up in my room,
Living like most wouldn't because I've got so much more to prove that this was all worth it.
Track Name: Turning Point
Are we on the same page or are we not?
Because if this gonna work then this has to stop
How did I know you'd be like this about it?

I know this is something I shouldn't expect,
But I don't want regrets that I'll never forget.
How did I know you'd be like this?Forget it.

And I'm afraid,
That I'll never see a sign of change,
That we so need to move on from this.
You know it's gonna be better this way.

Time after time it takes its toll,
I might be wrong but we'll never know,
It's best for us both,
It's best for us both,
Before the cracks begin to show.

Don't act like you've been wronged cos you were the one wrong from the start.
My patience is wearing close to an outburst that you don't want to hear.

Call me crazy but you know I'm right.

I wear my heart on my sleeve and there's you with your lack of belief,
I'll bite my tongue no more.
It's part of your DNA to go and act in this way,
You know we don't think the same as you do.
Track Name: Second Best & No Regrets
Facing up to what i know is true and what is real,
Some things will never change,
You read it wrong, too quick to point the blame.
A rush of blood and you jumped the gun,
I didn't know that the cutting of the ties would turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

I guess it's sad to feel nothing at all.
If I had to choose between this and you, you'd lose every time.

I guess it's sad to feel nothing at all.
It's obvious to see a difference in priorities,
That's how it must be.

The things we've said, the things we've done,
We'll persevere and overcome.
Some day you'll see that.

Nothing will ever change my mind for as long as this is happening, for as long as it's real.
Nothing changes, turning pages,
The one thing that I'll never know is when it's right to let this go.

Second best and no regrets, that's the way it is and always been,
That's how it must be.

I guess it's sad to feel nothing at all,
If I had to choose between this and you, you'd lose every time.
Track Name: Coming of Age
For the first time in my life I don't know where to go,
This freedoms left me feeling misplaced, no steady hand to show,
Me what's right and wrong and if my efforts have all gone to waste.

So I'll be judged on the things I've done,
Making the most of my time living under the sun,
Instead of buried in the fear, in the stress that we make,
Living up to expectations for no one else's sake.

It's better late than never to come to your senses or that's what I keep telling myself,
Always chasing what I never wanted,
Losing time to finish what I've started.

There comes a time when we all choose,
What's best for us and some will lose what they built their entire lives up for.
Conflicting intentions at closer inspection,
Cleared my mind for what I wanted more.

Took one step back and saw what was in front of me,
All the times that I'd have but was it all I need?
It's knowing where to start,
My life and dreams are miles apart,
From who I'm really meant to be.
Can sit and sulk or make something of what I've got,
Memories I have keep me from moving out the past.
The choices riddle me from head to toe,
They follow me to where I go,
I'm giving chances to let myself grow.

At every turn there's a lesson,
To be learnt, so many questions.
I'm lost without some peace of mind,
Running head first into this feeling so sick, so blind,
To everything I ever sought and everything I always thought,
Would make me into who I am,
Some things in life we cannot plan.